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3 on 3 League "Sunday Slamz"

 Each Divisional Winner will earn a bid to the Jr NBA Regional Championship in Chicago !!!

*Team Registration Available*

Welcome to the largest 3on3 league in the country! 

Some divisions are already filled, so please let me know if you still want to participate?

Register for the grade they are in as of May 2020. If you register after that then it will be register for the grade they just graduated from! 

3 on 3 League Facebook Group

Please post pictures and write messages on the wall. It is for everyone to share!!

** League APP **

CLICK HERE to download our Tournament app for Apple users

CLICK HERE to download our Tournament app for Android users

Scoring on App

When the scores are officially uploaded please take a look and make sure I entered them correctly. Sometimes the referees get the teams mixed up since games are so fast. Please send me an email at if I need to change something.