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3 on 3 League "Sunday Slamz"

*Team Registration*

Welcome to the largest 3on3 league in the country! 

  • Registration Deadline: July 28th
  • 200+ Teams each year!
  • Register for the grade they are going into as of September2024. 
  • Games played at Center Court Sports Complex
  • *Aired on Commercials in the Olympics*
  • Games start around 9:00-10:00am (Depends on total amount of teams)

3 on 3 League Video

** League APP **

CLICK HERE to download our Tournament app for Apple users

CLICK HERE to download our Tournament app for Android users

Scoring on App

When the scores are officially uploaded please take a look and make sure I entered them correctly. Sometimes the referees get the teams mixed up since games are so fast. Please send me an email at if I need to change something. 

3 on 3 League Facebook Group

Please post pictures and write messages on the wall. It is for everyone to share!!

Why Play 3 on 3?
Players touch the ball on virtually every possession, giving them more ball handling experience and more game situation experience.

• The extra room created with 3 on 3 gives more room to operate especially for players who lack the size, strength, or speed to use that physicality to their advantage in a normal 5V5 game. 
• Players learn the game faster because they start utilizing pick and rolls, screen away and more simply because there are less options as far as strategy and running plays.

• Players have a little more time to recognize situations and start to see everything “2 passes away”.

• Instead of spending time trying to get past a zone or figure out a zone defense, they can concentrate on FUNDAMENTALS and drive to the basket, create space from their defender for a shot and drive at a defender to create a back cut opportunity.  

• Defenders will adapt to putting themselves out on an “island” and guard instead of always relying on help defense. In turn, this helps players learn how to hedge the ball handler, rotate as needed and remain focused on the ball, deployment line and help line positioning. 

3 on 3 League Video

3 on 3 League Video

3 on 3 League Video

3 on 3 League Video

3 on 3 League Video

3 on 3 League Video