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Mini's Basketball League

2021-2022 Schedule

All games and practices will be held at Brookfield Christian

2021-2022 Minis Basketball League

Winter months of 2021 - 2022 

Wisconsin Focus Basketball Club presents you with a chance to get started at an early age. Whether it’s running for a loose ball, going for a rebound, or even finishing a wide open layup, we help the basketball mini’s advance on the floor as well as off the floor. Here at Wisconsin Focus we give your sons and daughters a fun environment, excellent coaching, and knowledge to further their basketball journey. It isn’t about winning at this age, it’s about them developing the correct set of skills to advance later in life. We created this program to show that a positive environment is a winning environment. We hope you join us for this fun adventure. 



If you are interested in coaching, we will be breaking into small groups/stations and rotating every 10 or 15 minutes. If you haven’t sent me an email about coaching please do so. The more the merrier at this young age!

If you are a spectator we recommend not staying in the gym due to the wandering eyes that occur. It makes our jobs as coaches very difficult. If you would like to sit in the cafeterias please do so! Thanks J

What to Bring:

  • Basketball Shorts
  • Basketball Shoes (Bring separate and change into them, especially once the weather acts up)
  • Long Sleeve or T-shirt
  • Water Bottle
  • Basketball: If you have one. If not, no worries. Ages 3-6 will use a 27.5. Ages 7-9 will use a 28.5

I will be distributing the jerseys both of the first two days, as well as at the first game on December 7th..