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Q&A: What To Expect

  • What grade level should we tryout for? -Tryouts are based on CURRENT GRADE and most, if not all, tournaments are as well.


  • What do the Premier/Regional/Central teams mean? – Our Premier teams are comprised of the highest evaluated players. Our Regional teams are the next highest evaluated players. Our Central teams are the next evaluated players. On some occasions there are multiple players evaluated at the same level, so we will have two or three competitive teams, but will still need to distinguish different teams.


  • When is the start and end of the “season”?  Practices will start in April. We understand that there may be conflicts with school based youth teams that play into that time frame and potentially play in the state tournaments in early April. Wisconsin Focus tournaments typically start in May depending on conflicts that players have.The season will end late June for some and early to late July for others. 8th-11th grade will drop down to once a week or no practices at all in June, so they can focus on their high school obligations. (Respect for the High Schools)
  • Number of practices and where will they be held? – As part of our commitment to improving overall skills, our Focus organization offers practice sessions weekly.Typically, practices are two times per week for 1 ½ hours at St. John’s Military Academy in Delafield or University Lake School (4 miles north of St. John’s.), or Center Court Sports Complex. The practice times generally occur between 5-9:30 pm on Monday-Sunday. 

WI Focus Player Fee Information

Please select the PDF file below for information on our Player Fee Format. Player fee is *Non-Refundable*

  • How far do we have to travel for tournaments?  – Tournaments are generally in the Waukesha/Milwaukee area with some approximately 1 ½ hours away in locations such as Libertyville, IL and the Wisconsin Dells. Some teams will travel up to 2 hours or beyond. An uncontrollable change in tournament location will sometimes change the travel distance for your tournament. Teams may travel further distances for overnight tournaments if the coach and team decides its necessary.
  • How many players are on a team and how many teams per grade level? – Each team will have 10-11 players. We expect to have 2-3 teams at each grade level. An alternate player may be added to the roster in the beginning or during the AAU season if a team is consistently missing players due to other sports.
  • How many tryouts does each player need to attend? – We encourage each player to attend 2 - 3 tryouts for the best evaluation. Players are welcome to attend all sessions if they want to get outstanding work on their skills!
  • What is the expected commitment? – That is up to each family, but players should attend as many practices and games as possible. While we don’t punish a child for not being able to attend a practice because of another obligation, we do encourage them to attend as many as they can to avoid team disruption and to get the most out of their Focus experience. Doing so will provide players with work to improve, and optimal understanding. A players playing time may decrease if no practices are attended and just games. The coach has the right to make that decision.
  • When will players learn if they make a team? – We will reach out to you about 2-3 weeks after the final tryout for each specific age level. In some cases, it may take longer to hear from us. Thank you for being patient.
  • When is player fee payment due? – The Full player payment & Uniform fee is due approximately three weeks after the initial offer. We have changed this from previous years because of issues that have occurred.  This fee is non-refundable.
  • Are teams split evenly? – Teams are not split evenly.The players that rate the highest from tryouts will be offered spots on the highest-level teams.
  • Can my son or daughter join the program if they play baseball or soccer? – Absolutely. We understand that spring and summer is prime time for multi-sport athletes. Whichever sport is in season is the one you need to focus on. Many of our Focus players play multiple sports and our coaches understand. We try to offer practices and tournaments that work for most team members. Those that attend the most activities do get rewarded for being in attendance, which provides them the best understanding and the most opportunities for overall improvement on their Focus team.
  • Philosophy on playing time? -  Club/AAU ball, along with basketball in general, is a very competitive sport. Our goal is to give our players the best opportunity to advance on and off the court. We teach the fundamentals of the game.  A lot!  No players will just “ride” the bench in our program; however, playing time will not be equal. They will get opportunities to prove themselves on the floor as they develop.
  • When can we expect the practice schedule? – We leave the practice schedule up to the coach who tries to find times that work best for most their players. Once the teams are established the coach will then start to reach out to the team and ask for what days’ work best. If you are selected for a team in the fall, you will not receive the practice schedule until the spring. Please note that for various reasons, last minute changes do occur with scheduling.
  • When can we expect the tournament schedule? – We provide the coach with a list of tournaments to choose from after all teams are set, so you will expect to know a majority, if not all dates, shortly after that. Note that sometimes tournament dates will change due to coach’s conflicts or tournament cancellations. If you are picked for a team in the fall you will not receive the tournament schedule until the spring
  • Fall Tryouts? – Having fall tryouts allows us to get a jump-start on forming our teams for the spring/summer. There is NO fall league through Wisconsin Focus. We do however offer Training / Skills and Drills and a Focus Mini League for ages 4-9 (Boys and Girls)
  • Skills and Drills/Camps/Leagues – Check the website tabs or email
  • Do you offer developmental programs in spring, summer and fall? Yes! Focus has a developmental program for players that want additional training along with those that are not chosen for a team or choose not to play on a team.  Our mission is to provide excellent instruction and repeated skill work to help players continue to improve. These opportunities are open to all skill levels, both Focus and non-Focus participants. Please see our website at for all available opportunities and dates for our Skills and Drills Sessions, Camps, 3 on 3 Sunday Slamz and Focus Mini’s League.

We have been very fortunate to work with athletes from the following school districts:

Sussex New Berlin


West Allis
Pewaukee Marquette
Watertown Waukesha South
Oconomowoc Waukesha North
Germantown Waukesha West
Wilmot Whitnall
Cuba City St. Mary's Elm Grove
Johnson Creek Waukesha Catholic Schools
Greendale Holy Apostles
Brown Deer Elkhorn
Glendale Waterford
Lake Mills Cudahy
Oak Creek Menomonee Falls
Lake Geneva Mukwonago
Muskego Lake Country Lutheran
Kettle Moraine Home Schoolers
St. John's NW Military Academy