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Wisconsin Focus Basketball

We help to build champions AND highly respectful young people!

Our goal is to impact each athlete in a manner that will lead to positive outcomes in their life... These lessons will not only make them a successful basketball player, but a successful person!

“Basketball, like all sports, is predicated on the execution of fundamentals. The coach is a teacher, and his subject? Fundamentals.” 

– Dr Jack Ramsay

Dustin Staffeldt

Dustin Staffeldt


* 3 on 3 League *

We are proud to present that we have partnered with the JR. NBA this season. 4th-8th grade league division winners will get a bid to the national 3on3 tournament held in Chicago. 


Some divisions are filled, so please let me know if you still want to participate!

* Summer Basketball Camps *

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* 2020 AAU Player Payment *

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2018 - Are You Ready?!

WiFocus Wisconsin Focus WiFocus

Sponsored by Athletes In Motion

Athletes In Motion

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Athletes In Motion is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wisconsin Focus Basketball organization. We share a common purpose and vision; to provide athletes of all ages, genders and abilities the opportunity to learn, grow and compete in the great arena of athletics! Go Focus! Click Here for tournament info

Sponsored by CryoVibe


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CryoVibe is a proud sponsor of WI Focus Basketball. They specialize in recovery by presenting to you a Cryotherapy Chamber, Hydration Pod, Compression Boots, Massage, and Corrective Exercise. We share the same vision about our athletes. We are always on the GO, and never take time for ourselves to recoverCLICK HERE to scroll through their website and services. It never hurts to try something new!!